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Coltsfoot Leaf Tea 50g

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Dandelion Root Tea 50g
Dandelion Root Tea 50g
Click to view product details One of the best herbs for treating liver problems and strengthening bones   Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale Origin: United States Form: Tea   Dandelion, also called Lion's Teeth, is a popular plant with many uses - you can eat the new greens, make wine from the flowers and use the root for medicinal purposes. Dandelion root has a reputation for treating jaundice, the yellowing... [More Info]
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Price: $8.99
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Detox Value Pack
Detox Value Pack
Click to view product details Detox your way to a healthier you!   Botanical Name: Various Common Names: Various Origin: Australia Form: Powders and teas   What if we were to tell you that most people spend their lives as helpless addicts? What if we were also to tell you that overcoming this addiction would lead to soaring energy levels, clearer skin, weight loss, and overall well being? Would you be willing... [More Info]
Stock:  IN STOCK
RRP: $41.97
Price: $39.95


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