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Ho Shou Wu 4:1 concentrate 25g Printable Version

 Product information:

A traditional Chinese herb that is said to improve fertility in men and have anti-aging effects


Botanical Name: Polygonum multiflorum

Common Names: Fo Ti, Fo-ti-teng, Chinese knotweed, Flowery knotweed

Origin: China

Form: Tea


The history of this herb is an interesting one. Thousands of years ago during the Tang Dynasty, there lived a 58 year old man named Mr Ho. Mr Ho could not father any children. One day a monk advised Mr Ho to eat a herb gathered from the mountains. Soon after Mr Ho started taking the herb he was able to father many children, his hair turned from grey to black and he lived until 130. Ever since, the herb has been called Mr Ho's black hair (shou = head; wu = black).


Ho Shou Wu


Instructions for use

Use 1/4 teaspoon per serve.  Add to a little warm water and honey.  Can also be added to juice, smoothies and yoghurt.



Further Information


Manufacturer:  XH

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Ho Shou Wu 4:1 concentrate 25g


Price: $13.99
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