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Damiana 1kg Printable Version

 Product information:

With a latin name like Turnera aphrodisiac, need we say more!!


Botanical Name: Turnera aphrodisiac

Origin: Mexico

Form: Tea


Damiana herb consists of the dried leaves of a bush which grows in the tropical areas of America. There are actually two species of the Damiana plant - Turnera aphrodisiac and Turnera diffusa, although they are generally regarded as the same plant in the herbal community.  Aztecs used it to help in the bedroom, the Mayas used it for pleasure and it was drunk as a healing tea by Indians throughout South-America.

Damiana has a relaxing effect and is a light aphrodisiac. Believed to be an overall body tonic, Damiana also promotes a general feeling of well-being. It has immediate pick-me-up and chillout effects. Damiana stimulates circulation which raises energy levels to alleviate fatigue and stimulate weight loss. These effects last for about one hour but with regular use they will become stronger.




Damiana Experience

It was a beautiful misty night. It had been raining all day and I was on the verge of some strange feelings that I had been staving off all day. I had been reading about Damiana for a while and I liked what I had heard. So I thought I would give it a try. I had no expectations of what I was supposed to feel from it but I did know what I was looking for spiritually, so I knew if anything, the effect would be subtle.

After about an hour I felt a slight shift in perception. Almost as if the doors had been opened to a new path I hadn't previously noticed. I felt a strong urge to connect spiritually and I craved understanding. I began talking more openly than I had in weeks to a girlfriend of my mine. Around an hour after my first cup, I noticed that the feelings of angst had completely gone and I was reaching a level of stillness I don't think I ever have before.  I felt connected in a way that was almost emotionless. Yet it was all emotion and I was totally aware.

I was part of the oneness and no longer separate. I began to think that all of my struggle manifested when I had removed or somehow distanced myself from the nature force or the godforce or the oneness... whatever one may call it. I cared deeply for everything, but had no opinion in a sense. A feeling of total acceptance of all that is. Around 1 am I think I fell asleep (this all began around 10 pm.)

I had the most peaceful nights sleep in a long time. It was a nice break from the turmoil of being human. I could let it all go and just be. I wish I could feel like that more than I do.


Instructions for use

Take as a tea or perhaps smoke it for an alternative experience. To make a herbal tea, place 1 to 2 heaped teaspoons of dried leaves in one cup of boiling water and brew for 10-15 minutes. Strain, pour and sweeten with honey if desired. Suitable for use in paper tea filters.


Also check out

Damiana is also available in lolly form (Damiana Nirvanas), as a powder (Damiana Pure Bliss Powder), in liquid form (Supa Nova Bliss Liquid, Funky Munky) and as a herbal blend (Goddess Blend, Hard'n'Up).  Damiana is also one of the key ingredients in smoking blends such as Happy Clappy Mix.  Damiana is one of our most popular herbs - find out why for yourself and give it a go today!


Further Information





·       Not for sale for under 18s. 

·       Do not operate machinery or vehicles after use.

·       Do not consume if pregnant.


All material provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice.  If you suffer from any medical condition, please contact your health practitioner before taking any herbal product.

Manufacturer:  XH
Damiana 1kg

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